You have a small online business you want the world to know about, but where do you start? Here are a few tips I have found to be instrumental in getting small businesses noticed and even getting some online business.

marketing tips

marketing tips

Having conversed and worked with several business people I have found a few brilliantly simple and effective ways of making a small online business visible and getting noticed locally. These aren’t for everybody and do take a bit of courage but you also have nothing to lose and no reputation to tarnish whilst you begin.

  1. Classifieds websites

This is tedious but it works! I picked up my first 5 clients from the local classifieds, yes they were small jobs but I didn’t mind, they were jobs I could add to a portfolio. Gumtree has a ‘Wanted’ section under every category, go to this everyday and call as many people as you need to get your first sale. Be transparent and honest and you will get work but you MUST call! Emailing people who advertise on classifieds is not very effective.

  1. Pounding The Pavement

No doubt where you live there are at least a few small businesses. You should look at these businesses as opportunities and leads. Go in and approach them early morning. Dressed to impress, take a business card and some coffee to them and you will knock them off their feet. You don’t have to walk out having sold them something but remember their name, send a follow up email or sms and you will more than likely hear from them again.

  1. Put on a Free Event or seminar

In business you have to be bold, this includes facing your fears sometimes too but a free event or seminar is a brilliant way of getting in front of people who are your target market. The key is that you are meeting people in the flesh who have come on their own accord to attend your event; these are people who want or need your product/service/expertise. You must give them something to take home, a manual, a freebie and some way of contacting you. You are guaranteed at least one new client.

social seo

social seo

  1. Referrals

All of the above will lead to this gem if you have kept your word and over delivered. Referrals are the cream of the crop as they are usually ready buyers who have already made up their mind, but just need you to close the deal. You want to treat referrals with the utmost care as well, as they have been personally recommended to you by someone they trust. Find out who referred them and send them some chocolate, wine or digital gifts to the person who referred them to your small online business.

  1. UBER

This will sound strange but honestly, talk to your UBER driver and network, loads of them are part timers earning some extra cash whilst they run businesses or are entrepreneurs but they are usually all very well connected locally and know or have interacted with someone who can use your services. Always leave them a business card

Use these free tips to elevate and grow your small online business locally, you don’t need any special skills, just some drive and the ability to speak!

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