Like most digital nomads, I use Uber quite a bit – about two or three times a day. Because of this I make the most out of each ride by getting to know the Uber driver, learning about his or her job and how they balance their schedules.

making money legitimately

making money legitimately

It was on one of such trips that I met an Uber driver named Andy. Like most  drivers, he presented himself very well and was courteous. A few minutes into our conversation, after I told him what I do for a living, he intimated to me that he was looking for a way to make additional income so he could purchase a house for  his family while also maintaining a decent work – life balance. Something most people want these days.

The idea

He drove a nice sedan so I asked him if he had considered offering an exclusive chauffeur service with a different approach and emphasis on building relationships. The suggestion I went on to make based on what he had shared with me, required him to have a full tank of gas enough for a week, a clean car at all times, relaxing soft music playing at a moderately low volume, business cards, flyers, small backseat window curtains and a website. All of which would cost less than $110.

The idea was to have the car look and feel like a luxury vehicle, then the next step would be to purchase pre-made high quality, yet affordable website highlighting the services he was offering with high resolution images and appropriate the vocabulary. From there, he was to handout flyers to people around the business district he frequented. This is where he would find people who would appreciate and be able to afford his service. The flyers offered one week pick ups and drop offs for free for one week to anyone who booked through his website. Within two days he had a lot of people contacting him for the free rides.

After another two days of free rides, he identified the regulars and was now aware of their schedules. It was at this point that he offered to continue the service indefinitely, however it would be at a fixed weekly cost which all of them agreed to enthusiastically. So just like that, after one week, Andy now had a fixed number of people he would drive to and from work at a fixed time Monday to Friday. It didn’t end there, because he had developed relationships with all his customers they would contact him outside the agreed upon schedules when they had errands to run. He also benefited from online mentions of his website and online referrals he got from them. Most importantly, he and his customers were happy they no longer had to worry about safety as they dealt with the same person every day.

making money legitimately_

making money legitimately_

The result

When I explained this process to Andy, the then full-time Uber driver (now part time), he initially was very skeptical as he feared people would rush for the free rides and then disappear after. I explained to him that it would happen, but the people his service was targeting would see the value in the service he was offering, even if he charged a bit more than a regular cab. I have always believed that people don’t mind paying more if they see and appreciate the value of what you have to offer and to achieve this, you have to know your target market. You have to look professional in person and online, this is one reason why a person in business should have a website. Among other things it makes you look credible should a prospect look you up online. After 5 months, I got a text message from Andy thanking me. He was on his way to place  deposit on his new family home 🙂 I wish him all the best.

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