A website builds credibility

In business nothing is more important than the ability to be found. If you don’t have an established online identity, then customers can’t find you. Not showing up in the search engines or on the Internet at all for that matter, is one of the fastest ways to lose credibility as a business . That sets off quite a number of red flags. It makes you and your company look dated, out of touch and untrustworthy.

Why having a website matters

Why having a website matters

Even if you’re fantastic at word of mouth marketing, you could be losing out on a ton of referrals. Happy customers are quick to share what they think about your business through reviews, feedback and mentions of your business on their personal social media accounts. Their friends and contacts might want to experience your services as well, however if you are nowhere to be found on the internet chances are you’ll have missed your chance for brand new customers.

Quite a number of businesses, especially new small businesses run a lean operation. They focus on necessities and urgent matters, only spending money when they feel they really need to. So, it’s easy to see why some business owners might think a website is a luxury item they can afford to do without. Some might even believe a Facebook page alone is enough for an online presence, or that a sign with their phone number will generate calls. A few others still believe that a traditional mailer will help them sell products. The truth is, the only way to start promoting a business is by building a credible online presence and that is with a professional website.

A website is the anchor for your marketing
Your website acts as a 24/7 portal so customers can learn more about your company, as well as research product information and determine if they want to do business with you. If you’re a modern small business owner, you need to realize that a website isn’t an expensive accessory or a frivolous endeavor — it’s an affordable, fundamental tool that every company (that is serious about business) needs. Before you print a business card or spend a penny on advertising, you need to start marketing by building a website, it sets the standard. A website will act as an anchor for all of your advertising and marketing efforts. All business details, product information and promotions should live on your website first. Then, you can create marketing materials that fall in line with your domain or website name, which will drive customers to your website for additional information.

A website sells your products and services online
Your website acts as a digital brochure, sharing up to date information about your offerings. A benefit of web publishing is that you can change information in real-time,  no waiting or paying for new print materials. Guide potential buyers to the products and services they need by creating an effective website.

Think of your business website as a 24-hour sales assistant. It provides answers to questions frequently asked by visitors to your website and can even process sales – this nets you more customers with less effort. Websites with e-commerce and purchasing options allow users to make direct purchases online, thereby simplifying sales for both your staff and your customers.

A website helps you connect with new customers

Though you might already have an established customer base, a website is an effective way to connect with new customers who might be unfamiliar with your business. As you may also know, people turn to the internet when they have a problem. Searching for solutions is easy, but is your business a potential problem solver? With a professional website, you position your business as a solution for your customers’ needs. Plus, you can optimize your website with search terms related to your industry. This will expose your business to new customers on the prowl whenever they do online searches.

A website has big benefits for local businesses

Web traffic statistics in January of 2016 revealed that 68 percent of households now use the Internet when shopping locally for products and services. Additionally, search engines often rank results according to location. In other words, if you’re looking for “shoe stores near me,” Google won’t offer you a name-brand result in Ice land (unless of course you live in Ice land).

So it’s pretty clear — an online presence has big benefits even for small businesses who deal locally. No matter where you are located, you can get started with an efficient website that draws in customers.

A website helps you control your online destiny.