Running an online business requires an ever evolving set of strategies to ensure your business remains relevant. This starts from your choice of language, the simplification of your processes, marketing as well as the style of your website. Let’s look at taxis and uber then compare them to an online business and a traditional brick and mortar business.

If the taxis in your city are anything like the ones in mine then you might find some of these practices familiar. Due to the fact that they are solely focused on meeting their daily quota, the taxis in my city overlook important aspects like the cleanliness of their vehicles, level of comfort, reliability, accessibility, user experience as well as customer service. Before boarding a taxi, I almost always mentally prepare myself for any potential issues that may come up, a rude driver, getting lost or the meter not working. It is because of such reasons that I only use taxis as a last resort.

Coincidentally, these are the common reasons why people around the world are choosing to use uber and other car sharing services instead of regular taxis. The cost is of least importance, what matters is the quality of service delivered. Any online business being run like a regular taxi is sure to meet a premature end.

Uber on the other hand, is literally a breath of fresh air. The owners of uber pretty much addressed the common problems people had with taxis. They have modern vehicles, their drivers are mostly courteous, you can flag down an uber ride conveniently and lastly, their customer service is very responsive. Running your online business like uber entails being available with what the client needs – when needed. Your business should look clean, no clutter, no loud noise, unnecessary pop ups and banners. Your online business should be available everywhere your clients frequent without being intrusive. People love dealing with businesses that are organized and responsive.

A good website must have:
* A unique and pleasant layout
* Relevant content
* An easy or simply way to navigate
* A call to action button or form
* A way visitors can reach you easily
* It must be mobile responsive, so it can be viewed on any device without difficulty

Make it pleasant and easy for clients to use your website or contact you when they visit your online business.