If you are reading this then you are probably one of the many people who have mixed results when selling in local Facebook buy and sell groups. After receiving a number of requests on the best way to get favorable results when selling in such groups, we came up with a few that have worked well for us and I hope they will work for you too:

how to sell on facebook

how to sell on facebook

  1. Remember that Facebook buy and sell groups will give you a larger audience than your local classifieds.

An average Facebook group has 1000 members so if you post a clear well written add, it will be noticed by more than 35% of the members. It takes very little time to load up a picture and type a few details about it in the status section so there really is no excuse for posting bad pictures and misspelling the text.

  1. It is important that you always have access to your Facebook account

Interested people want instant access to you to answer questions and set up appointments should they want the item. If I were the type of person who just got on Facebook once in the evening and once at night I would skips ads that seem to not be up to date or have missing contact details. People lose patience and try other options.

  1. Take time to take good pictures

Every day I notice that the items selling the best are those that have good clear photos without a lot of background noise going on so the focus is on a specific item in the photo, i.e. some people selling cars tend to post photos of cars in busy, dirty areas or settings that don’t complement the car for sale.

Make time to choose a good setting then take good quality photos that will make your ad stand out and win over potential buyers the moment they set their eyes on your ad.

  1. Take time to include as much information you can in the status line so as to not sound vague

Putting it bluntly, you don’t have to write a 1000 word essay about your item but do cover all the facts that a buyer would want to know such as size, how old it is, any damage you know of, the price you want for it, and anything else that applies to the item you are selling.

Having a detailed status line will save you from answering questions over and over again since people don’t seem to scroll up to read others’ questions and your answers to them. Also, people tend to ignore vague posts like; Want to make $1000 today? Pm me.

  1. After a sale – Once it is sld take the photo down as soon as possible

People get annoyed when you leave things up that are already sold and since it is a group they will remember who you are and just start ignoring your posts if you are known for not deleting after you sell, meaning you will soon not sell at all. There goes your reputation.

  1. Very important – Read the rules of the group

Read all the rules of that group before deciding on posting ads. Knowing the rules will help keep you from being blacklisted and unable to sell or buy.

  1. Always pick a public and secure (for you and the buyer) place for pick up

For obvious safety reasons always pick a public place to meet the person. If the item you are selling is large have someone help you load it into your vehicle before you even post it and then suggest to the person buying it that they bring someone along to help unload it from your vehicle into theirs.

This show of concern for both your buyer and you makes you come off as a pleasant person to deal with and in turn boosts for your reputation.

  1. Throw in freebies you can afford to

What I really like about the Facebook buy and sell groups is that you can personalize your service at the drop of a hat by just looking at the profile of a potential buyer. If the potential buyer seems like a mom, offer her a free magazine. If it happens to be a young adult, throw in that voucher you have lying around the house. Little gestures like that make a difference and also get you referrals.

Say you are selling a huge four plate stove and have a toaster lying around. If you are never going to use it, throwing it in the deal to sweeten it is a great gesture. Remember to only offer a freebie after you have sealed the deal, never before.

  1. Try to be flexible, but not too flexible

Attend to as many of the potential buyer’s questions as you possibly can without divulging too much information about yourself. Try to keep the conversation focused on progressing towards a sale or at least the purpose of the conversation. This way you don’t waste each other’s time.

  1. Cast your net wide and try more than one group

Posting your ads in more than one group greatly increases your chances of getting a favorable number of sales on a daily basis. Just remember to update all the posts if there are any changes, i.e. if it is sold, or the quantity is no longer what was initially advertised, this way you avoid the issue I mentioned in point #5